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What We Do

Currently (May 2013) - All necessary computer infrastructure including two running servers (one server is for handling and distributing call with ‘Interactive Voice Response (IVR)’ and another server is for ‘Content Management System and Client Management System ( ) ’/CMS) have been installed. The centre has its own backup electricity system and capable to run all equipment if power fails for no longer than 12 hours. In terms of software, the ‘Call Server’ can handle and distribute 40 concurrent calls simultaneously to the ‘call centre operators’ (although we have only 5 operators with 10 concurrent ‘Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)’ trunk connection). Clients can call from any mobile phone operators (GSM/CDMA/PSTN/SIP) through a short code (16123) and are able to choose their required specialist by pressing 1/2/3 button from their mobile phone as instructed by IVR.